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The Brampton Board of Trade has developed a dynamic series of events tailored to the needs of Brampton businesses. Whether it’s to recognize the individual and collective success of Brampton businesses or to share best practices in a webinar or workshop, our events are designed to connect Brampton’s business community and foster your growth and development.

Continue reading to learn about our events or view our full calendar to find out what’s coming up. With ongoing webinars, online meetups, and P2P group sessions, another event is always around the corner.

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Degrees, Diplomas & Development

Date TBD

State of the City

February 7, 2023

Annual General Meeting

November 16, 2023


March 8, 2023

Business Excellence Awards

May 4, 2023

View from the Top

November 25, 2022

Expert Webinar Series


Business Insight Series

October 25th – Where Did All The People Go?

In Conversation With…

Various dates

Energy and Environment Forum

April 22, 2022

Open Door Discussions


P2P Networks

Various dates & network themes

Overtime Goals

January 24th, 2023


Where Brampton Businesses Meet Candidates For The Municipal Election – October 4th & 5th

Advocacy Issues Forum

This dynamic series facilitates the meeting of the business community with elected leaders at all levels. These meetings focus on the Municipal, Provincial and Federal Issues that have the most impact on your business growth.

Previous: Provincial Issues Forum (in-person) – July 27th



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