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  • Connectwork

    A network of Brampton's businesswomen focused on personal and professional development in an inclusive and supportive setting.

  • Brampton's Innovation Network

    Bringing together leaders in the Advanced Manufacturing sector to talk about key issues to drive business. 

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  • Prosperity and Productivity Network

    CEOs, Business Owners, and other leaders come together to discuss the overarching issues that impact Brampton's prosperity. 

  • Talent Network

    An engaging group of HR professionals who are focused on retention, recognition, recruitment and other key issues. 

  • Goods Movement Network

    CEOs, VPs and business owners in the logistics sector and others interested in transportation will come together to discuss relevant and pressing issues. 

  • Trade Network

    Businesses who are exporting goods either internationally or inter-provincially coming together to build their network. 

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  • Civic Leadership Network 

    Community leaders coming together to share strategies for strengthening Brampton’s business community.

  • Business Development Network

    Those with accountability for marketing, sales & communications coming together to share best practices.

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