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  • Success is not a solo act

  • No one succeeds alone. That's why the Brampton Board of Trade launched Peer to Peer Networks, to give Brampton professionals the space to engage with like-minded leaders in their industry. With meet-ups happening every month and networks focusing on different sectors, objectives, and interests, P2P Networks give you the opportunity to find your people—mentors, partners, collaborators, friends—and discuss industry challenges, trends, strategies and more.


  • NextGen Network

    Rising stars who are interested in leadership and professional development.

  • Connectwork

    Brampton's leading businesswomen focused on personal and professional development in an inclusive and supportive setting.

  • Trade Network

    Businesses leaders who are exporting goods either internationally or inter-provincially coming together to build their network. 

  • Business Development Network

    For those interested in marketing, sales, & communications to share best practices.

  • Goods Movement Network

    CEOs, VPs, and business owners in logistics and transportation discussing relevant and pressing industry issues.

  • Innovation Network

    Bringing together leaders in the Advanced Manufacturing sector to talk about key issues to drive business. 

  • Prosperity Network

    CEOs and business leaders discussing the issues impacting Brampton's prosperity.

  • Talent Network

    HR professionals focused on retention, recognition, recruitment, and other key industry issues.


    Exclusive offer to non-members

    For a limited time, you can attend a P2P Network meet-up without becoming a member. Simply enter your email and select the network you're interested in. Once you do, you'll receive a free and exclusive invite to the selected Network's next Peer to Peer meeting. 




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