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    Launched in September 2017, Connectwork is where Brampton Business Women meet. This vibrant network meeting attracts the City’s leading women professionals, business owners and entrepreneurs. Each meeting welcomes a guest speaker, followed by a discussion and networking. This monthly meeting has quickly evolved into a reliable resource where women in business can learn, develop professionally, discuss challenges, generate ideas and get inspired. 


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  • Making Friends with Rivals

    Building Relationships with your Competition: Ways to grow your business by being friends with your competition.  

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  • Reimagining the Job Interview

    Is it time to reimagine the job interview?  Join Masha Ali from Culture Up HR Solutions who will be leading a discussion about this topic.

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  • How to Think Like an Entrepreneur

  • Can Conflict be Productive?

  • Faking your Emotions

  • Past Events

  • In this webinar, Sharon Worsley, Senior Manager Chamber Success, for the Ontario Chamber of Commerce, share strategies to excel in meeting the needs of your customers, clients or patients.
    With over 25 years in the hospitality and tourism industry, Sharon understands the importance of not just customer service but customer excellence!
    Working for an independent 4-star hotel in downtown Toronto, in one industry alone, Sharon increased the number of accounts from 8 to over 120, much of it she attributes to providing customer excellence.
    While at the hotel, Sharon also ran her own business development consultancy firm. She noticed that many organizations were ‘leaking opportunities’ that they often didn’t realize.
    Sharon shares relatable real-life experiences and strategies that you can add to your business to help you get back on track and provide customer excellence in ways you might not have considered before.

  • The She-Covery Project
    Confronting the Gendered Economic Impacts of COVID-19 in Ontario

    The COVID-19 crisis is having a disproportionate economic impact on women. There are several reasons for this. 

    This policy brief lays out a path to Ontario’s “she-covery” by examining data on the gendered labour market impacts of the pandemic and offering policy solutions to confront both the immediate and longer-term challenges. 

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  • Emotional Intelligence skills are critical for building relationships and teams, resolving conflict, solving problems, leading effectively and building resilience. 

    In this session, you will receive an overview of the Emotional Quotient Inventory [EQ-i 2.0] that is based on decades of research to support effective human performance and development.

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