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Connectwork – A Soulful Colour Experience

Connectwork met on the morning of November 1st, in the Kaneff room at the Brampton YMCA, to embark on a guided colouring experience hosted by the author and creator of the Soulful Colour books and brand, Sophia ‘SoJay’ Jackson.

Throughout the morning Sophia kept us engaged in an interactive discussion, where we learned the positive benefits of colouring, the value in understanding the different perspectives creativity can bring to daily problem solving, and the importance of self-care through art as a way to manage your mental and physical health in the workplace.

Thanks to Sophia’s wonderful presentation and guided colouring session, we all felt ready to take on the day with some new found knowledge along with some new connections. Provided with a wonderful colouring sheet packet in hand, along with pencil crayons provided by the Brampton Entrepreneur Centre, we are now well equipped at work for when we feel we need 5 minutes in the day to pause and reset.

We would like to thank our sponsors J D Factors, Adams + Miles, and Prouse, Dash & Crouch. Without the support of our sponsors, we would not be able to host educational events that connect Brampton businesspeople socially. Be sure to check our Events Calendar to see many more exciting upcoming events.

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