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  • Brampton is home to some of the most dynamic businesses in Canada.  Each year, the Brampton Board of Trade recognizes the best of the best small, medium and large businesses at this inspiring event.

  • Business Excellence Awards Brampton
  • Date & Time: May 6, 2021 6-8pm

    Location: Virtual via   


    The Brampton Board of Trade’s premier event of the year and main fundraiser – enables us to continue awesome service to the Brampton business community.  #BEA2021 will be one of the most engaging virtual business excellence celebrations in Canada.

    Each ticket comes with a choice of a delicious meal from one of 3 member restaurants.  View Menu



    Guests will have the opportunity to indulge in a sumptuous and unique dining experience from the comfort of their home – meals are prepared by one of our 3 member restaurants (ready for curbside pickup before the event), and online musical entertainment will be provided. 

    View menu options by clicking HERE.


    Come together to recognize the significant accomplishments of our members and the Brampton business community was foremost on the agenda. In 2021 we honour Vito Ciciretto, President and CEO of Dynacare as Brampton Business Person of the Year as well as celebrating 54 outstanding nominees across 12 categories.


    Kick off the evening with a unique 30-min Speed networking event via our Hopin event platform.  Guests have an opportunity to meet, network and schmooze with local businesses, sponsors, local councillors, MPs and members of the Brampton Board of Trade.


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  • The Brampton Board of Trade is delighted to announce that Vito CicirettoPresident & CEO of Dynacare, has been named 2021 Brampton Business Person of the Year.
    The Business Person of the Year is awarded to an individual that has demonstrated business leadership and excellence in Brampton, contributing to the city in both professional and personal endeavours. 
    Throughout his career, Ciciretto has served as a compassionate, decisive and inspiring business leader, and throughout the past year each of these qualities has been on full display. Since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ciciretto has stepped up to support not only the Brampton community, but also communities, public health systems and employees all across Canada.

  • Advanced Manufacturing



    Advanced Manufacturing is the largest industry by employment in Brampton, accounting for almost 25% of Brampton’s workforce and contributing approximately $4 billion towards the national GDP. This category celebrates the strength and accomplishments of Brampton’s advanced manufacturing sector and their constant drive towards innovative technology. 

  • Business Services


    Brampton’s business services sector leads the way in providing personalized business enterprise solutions. Not only is this industry dynamic and innovative, but the businesses operating within this space must stay one step ahead of constant shifts in technology.

  • Community Impact - Non-Profit


    An important pillar of our city is to support the lives of Brampton residents by helping improve access to opportunities and the essentials of life. These Not-for-Profit organizations are beacons of hope, focusing their efforts on social change and community development.

  • Healthy Workplace


    A Healthy Workplace demonstrates a comprehensive approach that creates and supports healthy workplace environments in the areas of occupational health and safety, health and lifestyle practices, healthy organizational culture as well as organizational social responsibility. 

  • International Trade



    These companies are putting Canada on the map and making Brampton an internationally recognized name – not an easy feat within a dynamic and competitive global marketplace. Versatile, ever-changing and highly strategic, these businesses are distinguishing themselves abroad and bringing Brampton to the world.

  • Logistics



    The specific needs of this sector have made Brampton the perfect location for logistic operations. Along with the city’s intermodal terminal and proximity to Pearson International Airport, businesses operating within this industry have helped identify Brampton as a leading logistical hub on a local, national and international scale.

  • Community Impact - For Profit


    These local businesses make corporate social responsibility part of their company’s vision and have made their community a priority. The impact they have made on individuals and organizations in our city has been significant — and have helped change lives for the better. 

  •   Arts & Culture

    Brampton’s diverse population of 234 different cultures and 115 different languages is one of the most ethnically diverse populations in Canada. With such diversity, and with so many stories to tell, it is only natural that the city boasts numerous creative disciplines and cultural endeavours which help bring our community together.

  • Retail



    Brampton has a bustling retail community encompassing small, mid and large retailers who provide an enormous assortment of goods and services. The businesses in this category are always customer-centric and forward-thinking, anticipating the needs and wants of the community in all facets of life.


  • Innovation



    Brampton is located in the centre of the 2nd largest Information and Communication Cluster in North America. Companies in this technology-driven category are visionaries, experts in collaboration and architects of invention. Leading change and developing efficiencies, they convert problems to ideas and push our imaginations forward.

  • Food & Beverage



    Brampton is at the heart of the 2nd largest food processing cluster in North America and is host to a thriving food and beverage sector representing businesses from all facets of the food chain – from agriculture and development, to testing, processing, packaging and transportation. Companies in this category demonstrate how collaboration and modernization can achieve outstanding growth.

  • Life Sciences



    Brampton is located in North America’s 3rd largest biotechnology cluster, employs over 12,000 people and averages 6% growth per year. Brampton’s life science company's are always on the cusp of discovery using their research and strengths to advance our understanding of the complex and provide the best care possible. 

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