• Trade Network

    The Board of Trade's Trade Network supports Brampton businesses exporting to and looking to expand to international markets. They actively work with the Board's partners to identify industries and sectors interested in building trade relationships with Brampton businesses.

    Focus: New market development; reducing barriers to market access

    Frequency: Bi-monthly

    These meetings include presentation of research on inter-provincial and international markets; government support and best practices for both domestic and international trade.

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  • November 16th Agenda:

    1. Presentation by Export Development Canada, Trade Network Sponsor
            Topic:  Managing the Common Risks of Doing Business Abroad 
    2. Discussion of the US Election and Trade
    3. Guest Speaker-TBD

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  • Interprovincial Trade Advocacy

    The Brampton Board of Trade works alongside other Chambers and Boards to advocate Provincial and Federal governments on behalf of its members


  • Interprovincial Trade Barriers

    The Board of Trade is working with Boards and Chambers across the country to show a united business community front on the importance of open internal trade and the elimination of interprovincial trade barriers as a no/low cost solution to boost competitiveness and reduce cost for businesses.   We have done well in advancing open international trade with our partners but now we need to match this success within Canada. In a time of volatility, heightened by a global pandemic, it’s inexplicable to maintain antiquated domestic trade barriers that hurt economic activity and growth.

    Quick Facts

    • StatsCan estimates that internal trade costs add nearly 7% to the cost of goods we buy, and this doesn’t count the much larger costs facing people like accountants, lawyers, and financial professionals.
    • The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates a 4% lift in real GDP in Canada if internal trade barriers are removed – more than we would gain from recently signed international trade agreements.
    • A 2019 poll found that nearly 9 in 10 Canadians (87%) think there should be free trade between the provinces “because we are one country.”
    • Only one in five small businesses sells to other provinces. 
    • The focus by businesses on their own digital transformation, including new adoption of e-commerce platforms, is opening up new market opportunities.


    Letter to Ontario Premier and Trade Minister on Interprovincial Trade Barriers



  • International Trade Resources

    Don't have time to be part of our Network? You can still gain access to the resources we've compiled below. 



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