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    Running your business today is tough. The Brampton Board of Trade has your back. Every day we hear from businesses that are over-burdened by government regulations and other challenges. Smart businesses support the Board of Trade for our solutions-oriented impact that helps you to stay focused on your business while we work behind the scenes.

    The Brampton Board of Trade is part of the most influential business network across Canada that leads public policy and advocacy on municipal, regional, provincial and federal issues related to business in the country.

    The Board of Trade's core focus is fostering a strong economic environment that businesses in the Brampton area can leverage to grow. In order to do that, we ensure the voice of business is heard by all levels of government through results-driven advocacy efforts.


  • Regional Advocacy Regional Advocacy

    Regional Advocacy

    Get There on Time

    Accelerate planning on higher order transit and other transportation infrastructure investment.

    Demystify City Hall

    Help businesses to better understand the budgeting process and impact on them.

    Inter-Regional Connectivity

    Advocate for Two Way All Day GO service between Brampton, Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo.

    Brampton U

    Work with community partners to widen scope of post-secondary educational offerings and retain youth.

    I Love Brampton

    Work with community partners to boost lifestyle amenities and external image of Brampton.

  • Provincial & Federal Advocacy Provincial & Federal Advocacy

    Provincial & Federal Advocacy

    The Brampton Board of Trade works in collaboration with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to advance issues of importance to businesses on the Provincial and Federal level.

    Skills Development & Alignment

    Increase funding for post-secondary institutions and aligned trades programs to increase the amount of trained professionals entering the work force to allow businesses to stay competitive by securing the right talent.

    Reduction of Regulatory Burden

    Encourage both levels of government to cognizant of the cumulative regulatory burden faced by businesses and reducing it.

    Trade & Infrastructure Development

    Improve goods movement efficiency by prioritizing trade-enabling, freight infrastructure investments – roads, airports, ports, technology, transportation corridors and borders.

    Access to Capital & Tax Reform

    Stimulate access to capital by encouraging government bodies to introduce better tax incentives for venture capital and angel investors, provide exemptions on capital gains and increase government investment in venture capital funds.


    Strategic Initiatives

    The Brampton Board of Trade works with various other organizations to help build a prosperous community. We work collaboratively with area businesses, organizations and decision-makers to improve business conditions, enhance economic development and improve the quality of life in Brampton. Below are various strategic initiatives the Brampton Board of Trade is involved with that are helping to drive economic prosperity and growth in the Brampton area.

  • Canada's Innovation Corridor

    Brampton Board of Trade has taken a lead role in developing a working group of chambers of commerce and boards of trade represented along the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, also known as, Canada’s Innovation Corridor. Through this collaborative effort, we intend to define and measure the potential of taking our current corridor from good to great; and then take action on priorities to realize this. Our preliminary focus is:
    1. Transit/Transportation Connectivity - We will strengthen advocacy for effective transit solutions that enable seamless collaboration between tech hubs, academic institutions and operations throughout the innovation corridor. 

    2. Talent Agenda - We will strengthen our understanding of the talent needs in the Corridor and the solutions available to us through academic institutions, innovation centres like Communitech/MARs, the private sector and potential immigration policies.

    3. National and Global Awareness Strategy - Canada’s Innovation Corridor is a global centre of talent, growth, innovation and discovery. Rivaling the best in the world, this 100km Toronto-Waterloo stretch, with Brampton at its hub, is the second largest technology cluster in North America and we will focus on creating awareness of this asset so that it can meet its growth potential.



  • Global Cities Chamber Council

    The Presidents and CEOs of the seven largest urban region Chambers of Commerce/Boards of Trade in Canada, have come together as the Canadian Global Cities Council (CGCC) to work collectively on the issues that big city regions in Canada face including infrastructure, economic environment and trade.

  • Annual Federal Issues Forum

    In addition to regular meetings and dialogue throughout the year, the Board of Trade brings together Brampton's MPs for a roundtable discussion on major issues like infrastructure investment, cutting red tape for businesses, innovation and technology, skills, talent, trade and more.

  • Annual Prosperity Roundtable

    Senior level leaders and influencers in the business community meet annually to discuss major issues like talent, trade, skills and help to shape the Board of Trade's action plan to building a more prosperous and economically vibrant community.


    2016 Prosperity Roundtable Summary & Discussion Paper

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