• Policy & Government Relations

    The PGR committee identifies, researches and formulates the Board’s position on public policy and communicates appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for action. The scope of the committee is extensive; covering issues such as finance and taxation, regional connectivity, economic development, infrastructure investment and more. The committee’s main purpose is to ensure that issues affecting the business community are voiced at all levels of government.

    If you have a passion or expertise to advocate for municipal, provincial and federal issues, this committee is right for you.  Join our committee of experts who review, analyze/evaluate and respond to regulatory, legislative and programmatic issues.  Help develop long-range policy issues and serve as a liaison for legislators and their aides.  The committee meets the first Thursday of every month from 8 am - 9:30 am.  Contact Lorraine De Nardis-Assenza at lorraine@bramptonbot.com or at 905-451-1122 ext. 202 to inquire about joining this dynamic group of professionals.

    2020 Initiatives

    1.  GTA West Corridor
    In December 2019, the committee expressed their support to resume the GTA West Corridor Route Planning and Environmental Assessment Study by writing a letter to the Minister of Transportation, the Honorable Caroline Mulroney.  The letter reinforced its importance and the necessity to build on the previous findings.  On January 10, 2020 the Minister replied thanking the committee for its support and commitment to providing a complete vision for the community at large.

    2.    Healthcare Policy Resolution Submitted to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce (OCC)
    The PRG committee began its work in January 2020 to address the provincial concern of reducing hallway medicine, hospital bed gridlock and how to relieve the strain on our healthcare system.  A policy resolution outlining the issue, background and recommendations was developed.  In late January it was presented to the Board at their January meeting where it was approved.

            On February 7th, 2020, the Board submitted the Policy Resolution to be considered at the OCC AGM scheduled to take place on April 24-26, 2020 in Timmins, ON.  Please see the resolution here.  


    3.    2020 Municipal Budget
    Each year, the Brampton Board of Trade follows the City of Brampton’s budget process and makes  recommendations to staff and Council.   As Council begins its 2020 budget process, the Brampton Board of Trade offered our preliminary recommendations on the 2020 City of Brampton Budget. This year we specifically encouraged council to take steps to minimize any property tax increase for the 2020-22 period.  Our committee has a passionate sense of advocacy and past councils have implemented and considered our recommendations.  On February 19, 2020 at 7pm, delegations will be heard from the business community.  Stay tuned to hear about the outcomes.  


    Ongoing Work

    Transit and Transportation
    We will strengthen advocacy for effective transit solutions that enable seamless collaboration between tech hubs, academic institutions and operations throughout the innovation corridor. 

    Talent and Next Generation
    Work with community partners to widen scope of post-secondary educational offerings and retain youth

    Trade and Investment Attractiveness
    Improve goods movement efficiency by prioritizing trade-enabling, freight infrastructure investments – roads, airports, ports, technology, transportation corridors and borders.

    Civic Leadership
    Help businesses to better understand the what the city leaders are planning and how these initiatives will make Brampton a place for economic growth and investment.


  • Committee Meeting Dates for 2020

    • January 9
    • February 6
    • March 12
    • April 2
    • May 7
    • June 4
    • September 3
    • October 3
    • November 5
    • December 3
  • Who We Are:

    • Scott Goodison - Chair, Goodison Insurance
    • Bardar Shamim - Generation Portfolio Management
    • Chris Drew - Fight Gridlock in Brampton
    • Eileen Waechter - GTAA
    • Glenn Williams - Williams Accounting Professional Corp.
    • Harby Rakhra - Harby Rakhra Real Estate
    • Keith Merdenbik - Region of Peel
    • Ron Bouwhuis - Nework Creative Inc.
    • Sean Jennings - CIM Solutions
    • Sonia Mistry - Region of Peel
    • Todd Letts - Brampton Board of Trade
    • Lorraine De Nardis-Assenza - Brampton Board of Trade
  • Scott Goodison, Chair, Policy and Government Relations Committee

    Scott provides leadership top a heritage-rich company that has been serving customers province-wide for over 8 decades! Providing excellence in customer service has been a driving force since inception.  A family insurance brokerage, his company strives to make the City of Brampton and its community a better place. https://www.goodison.com/about-us/

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