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    BBOT is here to represent you and we are active on all four levels of government.

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  • Our work is focused on ensuring a better business climate and spurs economic growth.

  • Our work is inherently collaborative. 



  • Our work is internally consistent.


  • Our work is shaped by our members.



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  • Prosperity Agenda 2020-2021 

    Each year, a diverse group of business leaders meet as part of the annual Prosperity Roundtable. This year’s meeting occurred in June and was followed by a Business Confidence and Economic Affairs survey. The outcome of this meeting and the survey is this Prosperity Agenda. The Prosperity Agenda is a roadmap designed to help business leaders become more aware of the key drivers of our economy and their role in moving Brampton forward. Focus is on these six pillars: 

    1. Innovation
    2. Talent and the Next Generation
    3. Investment Attraction
    4. Trade
    5. Transportation and Transit
    6. Civic Leadership

  • At its 2016 Roundtable, the Board of Trade invited large employers to identify key actions for which they would hold themselves accountable to achieve over the next 5 years to help ensure Brampton’s future economic success. These recommended actions were then reviewed, assessed and augmented by committees of the Board and received approval by its Board of Directors in January 2017. 

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