Brampton Board of Trade

For over two decades, CivicAction has been a catalyst for positive and sustainable change. Our purpose is to boost civic engagement and build better, more inclusive cities. Since our founding in 2003, we have been supporting our communities, investing in our people, and driving action across the region. From transit to reducing energy use, to improving youth unemployment and mental health in the workplace, we focus on initiatives that make a meaningful and measurable difference. We are committed to collaborating with leaders across all sectors to address underlying barriers and create an equitable and sustainable future for all.

We believe there is nothing more important to the future of our communities than preparing the leaders of tomorrow. The CivicAction Leadership Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Network (ELN) is one of our free high-impact leadership programs that connects, develops, and activates rising leaders in our region through workshops, skills training, and networking events.

The past year presented new, complex challenges and shone a much-needed spotlight on existing issues of inequality and systemic racism in our communities and workplaces. The number of Black, Indigenous and racialized Canadians disconnected from jobs and economic empowerment continues to be disproportionately high, and the persistently high youth unemployment rates, amplified by the impact of COVID-19, continue to threaten economic livelihoods and futures. Now more than ever we are committed to empowering the region in the pursuit of an inclusive future and inclusive economy.

In December 2020, CivicAction, in partnership with Boston Consulting Group (BCG), co-authored a report on anti-black racism in Canada. This report underscored the pervasive racism faced by Black Canadians and identified potential solutions across four key areas: education, policing, health care, and employment.

The workplace is one of many institutions where systemic racism can be perpetuated through organizational culture, outdated HR policies and practices, and a lack of resources and supports.
Enter HireNext – a made-in-Canada tool that helps organizations update their HR practices to help ensure young, diverse talent have better employment opportunities and outcomes – while helpings employers find the entry-level talent they need, increase their organization’s diversity and improve their workplace culture. To date, over 600 organizations of all sizes and across all industries have started their HireNext journey.

HireNext takes the guesswork out of creating more open, accessible and inclusive hiring and HR practices and helps employers better recruit, screen, onboard and most importantly retain entry-level talent.
Employers using this free, digital assessment tool will, within minutes, receive actionable, high-impact recommendations on how to make HR practices more attractive to diverse, youth talent.

Additionally, 50+ organizations across the country have joined our growing coalition of HireNext Employers. Employers such as RBC, Fiix Software, The Globe and Mail and Sobeys have made a public commitment to youth-inclusive hiring practices.
As the 2nd largest employment zone in Canada, the Peel region can play a key role in building back a more inclusive economy, while reaping the benefits that come from hiring young, diverse talent.

Take the first step by completing the HireNext assessment today.