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  • Many businesses invest more than just membership and sponsorship in the Brampton Board of Trade, they also invest their time. The Board of Trade provides leadership opportunities for companies and their employees that want to make a difference in Brampton. More than 100 volunteers dedicate their time on a monthly basis to develop policies and to help make decisions that help our economy grow.

    International Trade & Investment

    The International Trade committee directly supports Brampton businesses interested in expanding into international markets. Another primary responsibility of the committee is to work with partners to identify industries and sectors across the globe interested in building trade relationships with local Brampton businesses.

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    Policy & Government Relations

    The PGR committee identifies, researches and formulates the Board’s position on public policy and communicates appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for action. The scope of the committee is extensive; covering issues such as finance and taxation, regional connectivity, economic development, infrastructure investment and more. The committee’s main purpose is to ensure that issues affecting the business community are voiced at all levels of government.

    Workforce Development

    The Workforce Development committee is responsible for developing and implementing strategies within the workplace to ensure that the work culture compliments the needs of employees. The main purpose of the committee is to raise awareness of the Brampton Board of Trade and its programs and services, attract businesses and business people of all cultures to become involved with BBOT and develop programs and services that meet the unique needs of Brampton’s diverse business community.


    The Finance committee oversees all financial aspects of the Board’s activities, ensuring fiscal health of the organization, liquidity and transparency. The committee is empowered to review the Board of Trade’s expenses and is responsible for making fiscal recommendations directly to the Board along with reviewing the Board’s asset portfolio and developing the annual budget.


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