• Board of Directors

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  • Vanessa White_Chair_Redwood Studio.jpg
  • Vanessa White

    Chief Human Resources Officer

    Maple Lodge Farms

  • Manpreet Mann_BramptonBoard of Trade_RedwoodStudio.jpg
  • Manpreet Mann

    Assistant Vice President, Business Development, BDC

  • Michelle McCollum - Chair Elect Brampton Board of Trade Redwood Studio.jpg
  • Michelle McCollum


    Associate Vice President for Capital Development and Facilities Management
    Sheridan College

  • Johanne Rappoccio Vice President, Operations BMP Metals_Redwood Studio.jpg
  • Kanwar Dhanjal, CEO – Just Instruments Inc., Canada_RedwoodStudio.jpg
  • Kanwar Dhanjal

    Chief Executive Officer
    Just Instruments Inc.

  • Tina-Chiu - Brampton Board of Trade Mandarin Redwood Studio.jpg
  • Tina Chiu

    Chief Operating Officer
    Mandarin Corporation


  • Steve Stevens - Redwood Studio Brampton Board of Trade
  • Steve Stevens

    Regional Director, Operations, RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust


  • Shauna K Jones Motify Redwood Studio Brampton Board of Trade.jpg
  • Shauna-Kay Jones


  • Heather Strati-past-chair_Redwood Studio_BramptonBoardofTrade.jpg
  • Heather Strati

    Deloitte Private

  • donna-pascal.png
    • Donna Pascal

      VP, HR & Talent Management, Dynacare


  • Jeremy Macbean Redwood Studio Brampton Board of Trade.png
  • Jeremy MacBean

    Director of Marketing and Communication, IT Weapons

  • Shauna McMillan, Director of Marketing, CN_Redwood Studio.jpg
  • Shauna McMillan

    Chief of Staff, CN


  • Todd Letts_Redwood Studio.png
    • Todd Letts

      Chief Executive Officer, Brampton Board of Trade



  • Louis Vouloukos Lawyer Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP Redwood Studio.png
  • Louis Vouloukos

    Lawrence, Lawrence, Stevenson LLP


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