• Thought Leaders Inspire Business Community at State Of The City Address

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    The business community had the opportunity to hear from insightful thought leaders on the state and future of Brampton at this year's Board of Trade State Of The City address.

    One common thread amongst all speakers was the need for innovation, to move forward boldly and to disrupt the status quo and to establish a collective vision, one that has Brampton growing prosperously.

    Char Evan Moore spoke of Brampton in 2027. What will the city look like? He shared a vision of a city better connected through a wider selection of transit and transportation options, a place where more businesses are investing and more talented people choose to live.

    "The health science, advanced manufacturing, and technology sectors are all thriving in our City, which is located in the centre of the innovation corridor between Kitchener/Waterloo and Toronto. Opportunities for employment, entrepreneurship, and enterprise will be endless. Densification will increase, liveability will improve, and Brampton will be the modern, global city where people chose to live, to be educated, to do business. To prosper."

    Click here to read Evan Moore's full address.

    Mayor Linda Jeffrey, fresh off of her trip from UAE spoke of the innovation and disruption as a keystone for Brampton moving forward. "I believe we are at a crossroad where we can take this bedroom community and transform it into a hub of innovation and jobs, but only if we disrupt the status quo and think bigger.”

    Mayor Jeffrey also called Board of Trade members to action, to continue to be engaged and to continue to offer valuable insight from the perspective of the business community.
    "No single entity or organization can propel Brampton forward – we need to work together. We at the City need to partner with you, to tap your contacts, ideas and knowledge to create new opportunities for Brampton. From attracting a new university campus to the urban development project like Riverwalk – this is a call to action. I and all members of Council look to members of the Brampton Board of Trade for wise counsel and support as we tackle the big issues that face our city today," said Jeffrey.

    Click here to read the mayor's full address.

    Howard Eng, CEO of Greater Toronto Airport Authority plans to build a megahub at Pearson Airport. The transit hub would offer better connectivity to and from the airport to the surrounding area, including Brampton. 

    He shared Pearson's bold vision to put itself in league with some of the biggest and best airports across the world, including Hong Kong,

    Pearson's vision for a multi-modal transit Centre will be an important driver for economic growth and development in the local economy.

    Click here to read more about the plan 
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