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    Friday June 12th 2019 Brampton City Hall Office of the Mayor Patrick Brown

    We are writing on behalf of His Worship, Mayor Patrick Brown. As the City of Brampton grows to a more inclusive place for all, we are proud to announce that the office of the Mayor, City Council and the City of Brampton will be participating in this years Toronto Pride Parade.

    Today, is a new Brampton that is working with the community to make sure all voices are heard, recognized, respected and have a place in our vibrant city. Our city is dedicated to showing our commitment to the LGBTQ1+ community by coming together in solidarity and showing our support. On June 22nd 2019, Our Office, the Peoples Office will be hosting a pep rally at city hall and invite you, your company, your employees and their families to participate in an afternoon of activities, fun and excitement. This will be in preparation for our participation in June 23rds Toronto Pride Parade, where we are inviting you to participate by walking with the Mayor in Toronto’s Pride Parade. To make this event successful, we are seeking support from organizations like yours.

    We are very hopeful that you will extend your support by joining us on the 22nd and 23rd to show that Brampton is open and welcoming to all. Please let us know by email how many participants will join for the Pep rally on June 22nd and how many members from your organization would like to March with the Mayor in the June 23rd Pride Parade. We are looking forward to your positive response.

    Yours very truly,

    Mayor Patrick Brown
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