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    Fredrica Pottinger and Denise Trusty are the founders of Unique Support Services, located in the heart of Brampton, with their first location in Brampton opening April of 2019, though their business was founded in 2016. As their business’ name suggests, what makes them unique is the services they have to offer the city of Brampton.  Between Denise and Fredrica, they bring over 25 years of Frontline experience; activity programming and managerial experiences within the disability sector to the COMMUNITY. After much research, they found a lot of the support services and programs offered in the community just weren’t providing the support and services people and families with disabilities needed, so as a result, Unique Support Services developed, with the impact statement: “Enriching lives and supporting all possibilities”. They are two leaders who are passionate about the quality support systems that are provided to people who have disabilities. Brampton is their city,and most importantly the community they call home.  They want to align their passion and dreams with their city and be able to give back to their community.They don’t believe in the basic school house model i.e. DAY PROGRAM, life goes beyond their front doors. People with disabilities should be visible and be a part of the community, in which they live; work and can play an important role in their community, with the proper support programs available.
    Unique Support Services wanted to be different from the standard organizations,that provide monotonous, repetitive services and programs. Rather, they offer a “unique” escape from your typical programming helping not only the individual with a disability, but their families to achieve their goals that they may have by providing them the avenue to get there. Whether that is being able to go on a vacation, helping individuals with employment goals or providing programs/supports to help them be active within the community.
    Everything they do is based upon their name – it’s unique. Their business is person-centric and geared towards each individual. They custom tailor their service to each individual so they can attain any possibility, believing there is no dream that is too big and no dream that is too small. Though the awareness of disabilities has grown over the years, Fredrica and Denise believe there is so much more to be known and limitations within the community. Through Unique Support Services, they hope to help break down these barriers as there is a person first before a disability. Their goal in opening Unique Support Services in Brampton is to help educate the community, maintain awareness and make Brampton an all-inclusive city. They want to help the City of Brampton to be recognized as a city of diversity – one with all types of people with all types of abilities. Unique Support Services itself is all-inclusive as they are fully community-based. They aim to make those with disabilities visible and enjoy their city and let the city get to know them. Though Unique Support Services is relatively new, the demand for their services is there. People don’t expire, they’re not hardware, people will always have a place and serve a purpose – a person even with a disability will always serve a purpose in the community with their GIFT of life.
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