• The Decontaminator joins the BBOT to help make routine preventative disinfection services sustainable for businesses.

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    Founded by Omar Hassan in 2021, The Decontaminator has been serving healthcare, logistics, retail, food service and residential customers due to increasing demand for routine preventative and confirmed case disinfection services and we take great pride in keeping our community healthy and safe!  

    3M™ 6502QL Respirator with P95 2071 Filter

    In speaking with hundreds of local business owners in various sectors, Omar discovered most businesses can’t afford market rates for hospital grade electrostatic disinfection which is problematic as the third wave of COVID quickly advances.
    “With vaccinations in short supply and the third wave of COVID infections expected to be more catastrophic then the first and second, it’s critical that businesses do their due diligence to ensure customer and employee safety and we have the viable and cost-effective solution that’s needed.”
    The Decontaminator endeavours to be instrumental in making routine preventative disinfection services affordable for businesses without compromising quality and continuously works to improve upon the depth and breadth of service offerings through ongoing education on how to leverage the best practices, technologies and chemicals to effectively disinfect spaces.
    “Whereas the North American market has been flooded with inferior electrostatic sprayers and ULV foggers due to high demand, our sprayers are made in the UK and used by first responders and industry worldwide. And while it’s well within the law to use significantly cheaper Health Canada approved disinfectants at 1/10th of the cost, I’ve elected to use one of the best disinfectants on the market to ensure my customers get the safest and most effective solution.”
    Visit: https://www.thedecontaminator.ca/ to learn more and book your service.
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