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Imagica Provides Fun & Engaging Event Experiences

The Photo Booth and Roaming Photo Booth experiences offered by Imagica provide a fun and engaging way for Brampton brands, organizations, restaurants, bars, clubs and other businesses to create memorable experiences for their customers, guests and potential patrons. Operating out of Brampton and servicing the GTA (and beyond), the experiences created by Imagica not only provide fun, engagement and encourage social media sharing as well as socializing, but they also offer an opportunity for opting-in, creating rights-cleared event media, data collection and survey gathering. Imagica is the Photo Booth company that has been present at many BBOT events including InspiHER 2023 held in March of 2023. It is owned and operated by Board members, Joseph and Alexiis Stephen.

The brand ambassadors who staff the Photo Booths and Roaming Photo Booths at Imagica are some of the best in the business. They are professional, friendly, and have a knack for creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. They are trained and experienced at engaging guests and encouraging participation, making sure everyone has a great time.

In addition to being really fun and entertaining, photo booths are also a great way to create a sense of inclusivity and community. They provide an opportunity for guests or employees to come together, take photos, and share a common experience. Employees spend time with those that they can’t always while at work, uniforms are exchanged for suits and gowns and significant others or guests come out, gather and are welcomed. This creates a positive atmosphere that attendees will remember or that associates feel appreciated within.

Imagica’s Photo Booth and Roaming Photo Booth experiences with or without brand ambassadors also provide an opportunity for data collection and survey gathering as well as opt-ins and image waiver signing. Brand ambassadors are present to collect email addresses and other contact information from guests as they use the Photo Booth. They can also conduct customized surveys to gather valuable insights on guest preferences and satisfaction. Imagica’s platform is flexible, allowing businesses to gain any number of insights through customized surveys. Results are available in both .csv and graphic formats within a couple of days after the event so companies are able to take action immediately, wether that’s fixing a problem or direct marketing.

In addition to standard Photo Booths, the Roaming Photo Booths provided by Imagica allow for a deeper look into the preferences and experiences of guests. Since the brand ambassadors roam around the venue with the device, they can gather data and insights from a wider range of patrons, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the target audience. When seen in action it will be evident as to why these devices are so effective. They just look like a ton of fun and everyone wants to try it. It really is like a photographer and a Photo Booth rolled up into one.

Overall, the Photo Booth and Roaming Photo Booth experiences with brand ambassadors provide a unique and effective way to engage guests and gather valuable data that can inform future marketing and business decisions. Organizations can use this data to tailor their offerings to better meet the needs and preferences of their customers, driving success for the business. The fun and engaging atmosphere created by Imagica’s brand ambassadors and the inclusivity and community fostered by the photo booth experiences make these services a must-have for any organization looking to provide an unforgettable experience for their guests.


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