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Connectwork – Taking Risks to Gain Rewards

September 14, 2022 – The Brampton Board of Trade hosted their monthly Connectwork event, including a discussion on taking risks to gain rewards. The event was hosted at Sweet Chandelier, an elegant bakery with event space in the rear.

 Connectwork is a networking event geared towards women in business that provides a space for networking, learning and sharing experiences. Although geared towards women, Connectwork is gender inclusive, and all individuals are encouraged to register. 

 Poonam Batish, of Crockadoodle, shared her experience of moving to Canada with her husband and a small child, and choosing to take a retail job at a nearby department store. In this role, she gave the company everything she had, and in return, she got very little.

When her health took a turn, and they still pushed her to work harder, and she felt betrayed, but it was when her father passed that she decided she had had enough. There was no compassion for her situation, and she realized she was just another number to them.

With her husband’s support, Poonam took the risk of leaving her corporate job to find something that would make her feel fulfilled.

Now, Poonam works just as hard, and she still gives her job everything she’s got, but at the end of the day she goes home feeling the pride of owning her own business, and she says it doesn’t feel like work at all.

We would like to thank our sponsors Maple Lodge Farms, Dynacare, JD Factors and Prouse, Dash & Crouch for giving us the opportunity to bring Brampton business professionals together to share, learn and network.  

You can learn more about Connectwork on our website.


Our next session will be October 5th at Sweet Chandelier, and we will be talking about Financial Literacy. Don’t forget to register! 

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