• Smart Businesses are Board of Trade Members. Which strategy is right for you?

  • Brampton Board of Trade fosters the economic prosperity and productivity of Canada’s fastest growing community. Your membership with the Brampton Board of Trade grants you access to the tools to grow your business, increase productivity and control costs. Tap into the Board of Trade’s vast network of people and resources that can have a significant impact on your business. Be among the hundreds of businesses in the community - big and small - already reaping the rewards of membership.

    Should you be a member of the Brampton Board of Trade?

    People that engage with the Board: 

    • Are smart business people
    • Save time and money through BBOT building successful businesses
    • Are community-minded and more aware of local issues
    • Are happy to connect with other business-minded people to bring positive change
    • Are action-oriented about making Brampton the best it can be
    • Want to build their businesses and build our community too


  • Member Discounts

    Take control of your bottom line with our cost savings programs including, merchant service discounts, group insurance, fuel discounts and member to member promotions.

  • Referrals

    Find new clients and customers through our online members directory and our networking opportunities where you can have valuable face time with potential customers.

  • Community Credibility

    A recent study showed that businesses involved with their local Board of Trade enjoy a 73% increase in consumer awareness and a 68% increase in their local reputation. 

  • Networking

    We facilitate monthly networking events at various locations across Brampton that will connect you with Brampton's finest people and businesses. Meet fellow members, local community leaders and decision makers and grow your network.


    Business Development

    We provide business development opportunities and cost savings programs as well as support the thriving local economy by working with key stakeholders to encourage business investment and exploration of new markets.

  • Global Connections

    Help businesses connect on a local, national and global scale to build strategic and impactful partnerships. Work with partners to identify industries and sectors across the globe interested in building trade relationships with local Brampton businesses.

  • Leadership

    Cultivate valuable qualities through volunteer leadership opportunities for yourself and your staff, learn through relevant business speakers, workshops and seminars. Benefit from mentoring and peer-to-peer business development opportunities.

  • Influence

    Your business will benefit from advocacy efforts at all three levels of government working to encourage economic growth and to encourage pro-business policies that make it easier for businesses to thrive.

  • Businesses that aren't members are:

    • Paying too much for services to operate their firms
    • Risking too much in terms of insurance and protections for their employees
    • Working too hard and less efficiently to find new clients
    • Tend to be less aware of municipal affairs and the Board’s impact at City Hall
    • Generally less engaged in community affairs - less happy and, for some, less successful


    Join hundreds of other business people who are already reaping the rewards of membership while actively contributing to Brampton's success too!



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