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    Celebrating over 134 years, Brampton business people have built one of Canada’s elite chambers of commerce. Representing Brampton businesses, you can count on the Brampton Board of Trade because:
    It is Brampton’s largest and most representative business association
    It is mandated under the Boards of Trade Act to represent Brampton businesses
    Its directors swear an oath to represent Brampton businesses and attest to a stringent code of conduct
    Brampton Board of Trade is an accredited chamber of commerce adhering to robust advocacy, member service and governance principles.
    The Brampton Board of Trade has achieved the “the standard of excellence” in business service and representation.
    The Brampton Board of Trade is the go to organization where businesses of all sectors, convene, collaborate and create solutions to boost regional economic prosperity. Together, members find solutions to the toughest problems businesses face every day including overcoming barriers to growth, attracting and retaining talent and making the right connections.
    Members range from start-ups to multi-national corporations; from sole proprietors to strong family businesses and many entrepreneurs and professionals that make a difference every day in our region. 
    As a member of the Board of Trade, you’ll have access to countless tools to help grow your business, increase productivity and control your bottom line. As well, as a member, your insights and expertise will be called upon to build Brampton…… to the very best it can be.



    Brampton's Largest Business Association


    Representative The Brampton Board of Trade is a diverse and inclusive organization. Our members are diverse in culture, race, gender, political ideology and their businesses are diverse in size, sector, ownership model and more. 80% of Brampton's leading employers are members of the Board of Trade, including some of Canada's top brands like Rogers, CN, TD, Velcro and more.‚Äč

    Engaged More than 3400 registrants attend over 50 events, workshops and meetings held by the Brampton Board of Trade every year.

    Impact - BBOT dedicates a significant amount of manpower and time to its municipal, regional, provincial and federal advocacy efforts. Volunteer business representatives meet monthly and donate thousands of hours to create insightful policies and recommendations to stimulate our economy.


  • Our Mission

  • Productivity

    Deliver services that save you time, money and helps your enterprise grow.


  • Prosperity

    Generate wealth and solutions that better Brampton’s quality of life.


    What We Do

    Economic Development

    Support the thriving local economy by working with key stakeholders to encourage a business-friendly environment.


    Work with governments of all levels to encourage pro-business regulations and policies.

    Productivity & Growth

    Provide businesses with a competitive edge through business development opportunities and cost savings programs.

    Connect Businesses

    Help businesses connect on a local, national and global scale and build strategic partnerships.

    Provide Solutions

    Solve problems specific to Brampton including, investment, talent acquisition, building key infrastructure and more.



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