• Advocacy

    The Board of Trade advocates on all levels of government to ensure the interests of the business community are at the forefront of Municipal, Regional, Provincial and National policy and decision-making. We propose and advocate for pro-business policies that encourage economic growth and lead to stronger businesses in our community.

    The Board of Trade s always at the table for our members ensuring their voices are heard. As a member of The Board of Trade you become a patron of the community, supporting important initiatives that ensure a prosperous future for everyone. You can have piece of mind knowing that the Board is on top of the issues impacting you.

    The Board of Trade is consistently at the table offering opinions, recommendations and feedback to decision-makers, influencing legislation, policy and issues affecting businesses.



    Policy Principles


  • Our work is focused on ensuring a better business climate and spurs economic growth

  • Our work is inherently collaborative 



  • Our work is internally consistent


  • Our work is shaped by our members



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