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  • There are volunteer and leadership opportunities with the Brampton Board of Trade.

    Many businesses inves tmore than just membership and sponsorship in the board of trade, they also invest their time

    the board of trade provides leadership opportunities for companies and their employees that want to make a difference in Brampton

    More than 100 volunteers dedicate their time on a monthly basis to develop policy and to help make decisions that help our economy grow.



    International Trade

    This committee directly supports Brampton businesses interested in expanding into international markets. Another primary responsibility of the committee is to work with its partners to identify industries or sectors interested in building trade relationships with local Brampton businesses.

    Policy & Government Relations

    This committee identifies, researches, and formulates the Board’s position on public policy and communicates appropriate recommendations to the Board of Directors for action. The scope of this committee is extensive, covering issues of finance and taxation, municipal and regional initiatives, social policy, transportation and infrastructure and economic development. The main purpose of the committee is to ensure that member concerns regarding legislation that impact the local business community are voiced at the municipal, regional, provincial, and federal levels of government.


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