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    I was really inspired by Wednesday’s lunch. Thank you for celebrating the Brampton Board of Trade’s 130th Anniversary.  On behalf of the Board of Directors, I also want to extend a special thank you to those that made presentations during lunch.
    • Thank you Susan Crawford for reminding us of the many achievements, from advocating for investment in downtown flood diversion in 1949, to collaborating with City Council to establish the first economic development committee in 1956, to reviving the Santa Claus parade in 1985 and many advocacy initiatives resulting in new highways, airport expansions, less government bureaucracy and tax savings for businesses. Here’s an excerpt from Susan’s speech:
    “We must always strive as a business organization not to cater to the interests of a few at the expense of our business community and City as a whole….. We must continue to challenge decisions that have a negative impact on our local businesses and advocate positions that will create growth and prosperity.  And we must ensure that the next generations of business leaders can also find a place within our organization ….so that the BBOT can continue to be the voice of business for business in Brampton.”
    • Thank you Shormila Chatterjee and Roger Woodhead. These SNC Lavalin professionals reminded us about how a chance meeting one day and turned into a mentoring relationship that has spanned years inspires us to seek out those we could mentor or look to for guidance.
    • Thank you Mahoganey Jones for encouraging us to think of how we could each get involved in sharing knowledge and experience and dispelling common myths about mentoring.
    • Thanks to Emmanuel Piec for sharing Armacell Canada’s legacy in Brampton. The innovative team at Armacell (originally known as ITP) has grown in Brampton from the Hartman family business with one plastic extruder, 31 years ago, to a world leader in plastic composites – products have evolved from ones used in the construction industry, to the world-famous pool noodle, to the lightest and strongest composite used in the blades of wind turbines.   Emmanuel’s inspirational speech was a testament to Brampton’s entrepreneurial spirit and highly-skilled, dedicated and innovative workforce. We can look forward to continued growth and opportunities in Brampton. 
    • Thank you Evan Moore for inspiring confidence for the future. Evan spoke passionately about the need not to just “construct” the future but to “build” it – highlighting the Board’s role in facilitating the continued development of our collective legacy. Through genuine engagement, consultation, and advocacy on behalf of Brampton’s business community, the Board will continue to promote Brampton as a thriving business community, and a centre of leadership in Canada’s economy. Click here for an excerpt of Evan's remarks.
    We can all feel proud that we are a part of a community that will grow and thrive thanks to the work of those that came before us, those making a difference today and those that will follow in our footsteps.
    We will celebrate many of those at our upcoming Business Excellence Awards on May 11.
    Thank you for celebrating a proud legacy and I look forward to the next 130 years of productivity and prosperity. 
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