• Ontario Employers Facing Challenges in Recruiting Qualified Talent

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    A report from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce released on June 20 reveals that Ontario employers are finding it increasingly more challenging to recruit properly qualified talent. The report, titled Talent in Transition Addressing the Skills Mismatch in Ontario, identifies opportunities to better align the skills acquired by Ontarians with those required in the labour market.
    The report shows 82% of businesses — six in ten — who attempted to recruit staff in 2016 experienced challenges. While businesses face challenges, Ontarians are simultaneously concerned that their skills are growing to be less useful.
    The OCC’s report identifies ten recommendations to better align skills so Ontarians can be qualified for work and employers increase their productivity and proficiencies by being able to find talent in a timely manner.
    To improve the transition from school to the workplace through the expansion of experiential learning opportunities the OCC is recommending:
    1. Address the limited capacity of small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to facilitate experiential learning opportunities by leveraging existing networks.
    2. Drive employer awareness of existing programs, such as the Co-operative Education Tax Credit, that are designed to support experiential learning opportunities in Ontario.
    3. Leverage experiential learning opportunities to promote inclusive economic growth throughout the province.
    To improve the labour market outcomes achieved through Employment Ontario program the OCC is recommending:
    1. Shift towards greater client centricity.
    2. Evaluate the potential of an outcomes-based employment and training systems funding model. 
    To develop a modernized apprenticeship system that is reflective of the current business climate and focused on the integration of young people into the trade
    1. Revise the journeyperson-to-apprenticeship ratio framework.
    2. Enhance support for apprenticeship consortiums.
    3. Modernize the apprenticeship application process.
    4. Reform the Ontario College of Trades.
    5. Promote career pathways in the skilled trades.

    Read the full report by clicking here.
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