• Experts from Brampton Board of Trade Chair, Evan Moore’s Presentation at the 130th Anniversary Celebration: Create Your Legacy

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    …..And as I’ve said in a number of speeches during my time as Chair, Brampton is truly poised for greatness. But to ensure greatness is achieved, we must, as a collective, work to ensure our City’s strengths—its competitive advantages—are utilized to their full potential. And that its weakness—because there are a few—are overcome
    The Board’s role in this work is to facilitate the continued development of our collective legacy. Through engagement, consultation, and advocacy, the Board will continue to promote Brampton as a thriving business community, and a centre of leadership in Canada’s economy
    In order to assist in that work, the Board spent considerable time in consultation with many Brampton businesses to identify key issues impacting success of the regional economy…..The primary goal is to build a modern, global city, that reflects the robust and diverse complexion of its population and business community
    And when I say “build” I don’t simply mean, construct.
    Bricks and mortar, shovels in the ground, are a part of the primary goal, but not the entirety of it. No, to build means to engage the 5 issues identified in the Brampton Board of Trade’s Prosperity Discussion Paper, which can be quickly summarized:
    1) Transit and Transportation, the challenge is to build an effective, efficient, and regionally connected transit and transportation system that is the backbone of a strong, competitive, and liveable Brampton. A system that is built with a focus on density, liveability, scalability, and commercial attractiveness.
    2) Investment Attractiveness, the challenge is to ensure Brampton is seen as the place to do business. This requires leveraging Brampton’s strengths—workforce, regional connectivity, geographic location—and addressing its weaknesses: deficiencies in commercial and office space, congestion, negative headlines.
    3) Talent & Next Generation, the challenge is to change the perspective among our youth that there is little opportunity for economic success in this city. The next generation is educated, diverse, and entrepreneurial—and therefore, mobile. We must stop the drain of talent to other communities.
    4) Trade, the challenge is to increase exports as a means of offsetting Canada’s relatively small consumer base and sluggish domestic growth.
    5) Civic Leadership, the challenge is ensuring our elected representatives at all levels of government are focused on addressing the challenges affecting our prosperity and delivering on a collective vision for the future of Brampton.
    Addressing these challenges and incorporating them into our strategic objectives, as the Board has done, will ensure a positive legacy is established and passed on to the future generations of our business leaders.

    Your role in all of this will be to Advocate. Collaborate. Connect. Mentor. Participate.  And my challenge to all of you in this room is to ensure the legacy needed to achieve that success is built, fostered, and adaptable to current and future challenges.
    Because we cannot sit idle hoping for others to make change. We must all be active. As business owners operating in Brampton, we have the power as a collective to connect and change the course of our community’s future.
    • Advocate to local Council on the challenges central to the issues of Transit, Trade, Talent, Investment Attractiveness, and Civic leadership;
    • Take pride in our City and the role your business plays in our collective prosperity. Share that pride and make it contagious;
    • Be a champion of our economic development; and
    • And of course, support the Board of Trade so that we can drive our efforts in implementing the 5-year Prosperity Agenda.
    We have done it for the past 130 years. We have achieved many successes along the way. And we must continue this work to ensure the future legacy is established. And Brampton achieves the greatness it is so well positioned to achieve.
    Thank you.
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