• Board of Trade Sends Letter in Support of Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster

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    The Board of Trade has sent the below letter to John Knubley, Deputy Minister, Innovation, Science and Economic Development in support of building an advanced manufacturing supercluster from Kitchener-Waterloo, through Brampton, and to Toronto.



     Dear Mr. Knubley, 

    A thriving manufacturing sector is vital to Canada’s future because it drives job creation, productivity advancement, investments in research and development, and trade. A strong advanced manufacturing sector must facilitate connections between manufacturers, technology companies, and innovative infrastructure. 

    A group of business leaders from across the region, chambers and boards of trade, post-secondary institutions and other key stakeholders have come together over many months to assess and propose an exciting plan to better position our region as a world leading centre for advanced manufacturing. The Brampton Board of Trade wishes to express our strong support for their Letter of Intent to build a cutting edge Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster in Ontario. 

    The proposed Advanced Manufacturing Supercluster Initiative is a business led and business co-funded plan to build on the manufacturing and technology sectors along the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor. It activates an ambition to commercialize existing research in industry 4.0 manufacturing, stimulate future-ready manufacturing sector growth, and strengthen the application of innovation by Canadian small and medium sized firms who anchor the manufacturing supply chain. It will connect manufacturers to the best new technologies, and technology companies to commercial manufacturing opportunities — stimulating innovation and growth on both ends. 

    Canada has a unique opportunity to be a world leader in manufacturing and technology. Today, the innovation assets of the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor generates 17% of Canada’s GDP in four major urban centres. It comprises over 15,000 high-tech companies and over 205,000 tech workers. The combination of an ambitious plan developed, endorsed and co-funded by industry matched by federal investments will formalize a structure to commercialize research and drive innovation through the entire manufacturing ecosystem. This will supercharge our economy, increase foreign direct investment, create jobs and generate further prosperity. 

    We support this initiative because a successful bid will address significant gaps in the existing advanced manufacturing ecosystem. It will benefit our regional economies, enable our innovators and support strong future-oriented job creation across a range of job classes. This is a transformative project that will bring significant economic benefits to the Toronto-Waterloo Corridor, and to the rest of Canada.


    Todd Letts, MBA, CCE
    Chief Executive Officer


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