• Board of Trade's Transit and Transportation Vision Sees Significant Progress

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    An effective, efficient, and regionally connected transit and transportation system is the backbone of a strong and competitive economy and livable city.

    The Board of Trade knows this well, moving goods and people efficiently through Brampton and the region is an important part of our advocacy efforts.

    "the challenge is to build an effective, efficient, and regionally connected transit and transportation system that is the backbone of a strong, competitive, and liveable Brampton. A system that is built with a focus on density, liveability, scalability, and commercial attractiveness," says Evan Moore, Chair of the Brampton Board of Trade.

    Recent events have shown that the combined efforts of the Board of Trade, the city of Brampton and our provincial and federal representatives can achieve results.

    The federal government has announced $750 million in funding for their Regional Express Rail (RER) project which will bring significant upgrades to the Kitchener GO Line that connects Brampton to its innovation corridor counterparts in Toronto and Kitchener-Waterloo.

    The funding will go towards 40 km of new track between Mount Pleasant GO and Union Station, two new grade separations (roads under or over rail) and parking structures. It’s one step closer to achieving Two Way All Day GO for Brampton, better connecting the city to the region.

    Developing intermodal railway and airport transit hubs to better connect Pearson Airport to the goods and people in the region is also an important part of the Board of Trade’s transit and transportation vision.

    At the Board of Trade’s State of the City address in February Howard Eng, CEO of Greater Toronto Airport Authority spoke about plans to transform Pearson Airport into a mega transit hub, offering better connectivity to the surrounding area.

    The hub would offer rail and bus connections between the airport and destinations throughout the region, including Brampton.
    Since then mayors and stakeholders throughout the region have been actively getting behind the mega hub, hopefully speeding up the process of bringing it to fruition.

    Critical factors to achieve the goal of a high-functioning, competitive, and modern city include the ability to move people and goods through efficient transportation and effective regional transportation routes, so our work is nowhere near finished.

    BBOT’S advocacy agenda includes work on other economic development projects including:

    Completing the GTA West Highway’s Environmental Assessments
    In December of 2015 the Ministry of Transportation suspended work on the environmental assessment of the Greater Toronto Area West Highway Corridor — a highway that would run from Vaughn to Milton and provide a critical solution to the GTA’s growing struggle with efficient goods and people movement. The Board of Trade has been actively reaching out to the province and the Minister of Transportation to advocate for moving the project along.

    More efficient processing at major airports
    Time is money. Processing delays at airports are causing missed flights and lost opportunities for business. The Board of Trade, along with chambers and boards of trade across Canada’s major cities are proposing changes to the country’s airports processing standards in order to speed up wait-times. Read the full report of recommendations here.

    The Milton Logistics Hub
    The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA) is the fastest growing area in Canada and to meet this growth and customer demand CN is looking to build a $250 million intermodal hub. Currently CN reaches 75% of North America’s population and moves well over $250 billion worth of goods every year, In order to better connect the region, grow exports and move goods more efficiently, CN must grow beyond its Brampton terminal.

    An active member of the Global Cities Council, BBOT is drawing on best practices from other national cities and engaging in advocacy to achieve results from all levels of government on the above projects, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.
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