• Board of Trade recommendations result in lower tax increase

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    Brampton city council completed their budget negotiations this week and will be recommending a 3.4% tax increase in the municipal budget.

    This increase is less than the 4.9% percent originally recommended by staff. When the city portion is combined with forecasts for the regional and education budgets, the overall increase for taxpayers is forecasted to be 2.3%; slightly above Ontario inflation.

    The Board of Trade was the only organization to provide recommendations during the budget process, and as a result, the previously recommended 4.9% increase has been lowered to 3.4%. This change will result in $7 million in savings for Brampton taxpayers.

    Recommendations during the budget process were made through the Policy & Government Relations committee, lead by BBOT volunteer Glenn Williams. Next time you see Glenn, be sure to thank him! We now refer to him as the Board of Trade’s 7 million dollar man.

    View the Board’s budget recommendations here.
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