• 5 Free Resources to Streamline Your Business's Content Creation

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    Creating engaging online content can be a challenge, especially for smaller businesses with a smaller pool of resources. It takes planning, consistency and some strategy to create content that is engaging and will ultimately convert to new clients, sales and leads for your business, but it isn’t impossible. There is no shortage of resources available to businesses, here are 5 that can assist in streamlining your content creation

    The free version of Evernote is a great resource for making to-do lists, writing down research notes or writing chunks of your content as inspiration comes. Evernote has mobile, tablet and desktop versions that sync regularly so your content is always at your fingertips. Use Evernote to keep a running list of content ideas, take notes, store inspiring articles, make a content calendar or plan your social media posts.

    Blog topic generator
    If you’re ready to get writing on your business’s blog but you are not entirely sure where to start, HubSpot’s topic generator is a great first step. Simply enter three keywords related to your business or a topic you think you might like to cover, and the generator will give you a week’s worth of ideas. It may not be exactly how your headline reads in the end but it's a great way to get your creative juices flowing and to come up with content ideas that will be lead generating. Creating headlines that readers want to click on, whether your business is B2B or B2C, can be a challenge. HubSpot helps by coming up with intriguing headlines you can use as a solid starting point.​

    Hootsuite or Buffer
    ​Managing social media and getting your content out to the world is no easy task, it takes at least a little bit of planning and some streamlining of your processes to make it happen. Having a social media management tool is a key part of success. Hootsuite and Buffer both offer free versions of their software that has all of the resources a small business would need, with the option to add more bells and whistles as required. Both can be managed from the web or through tablet and phone apps so you can manage your social media calendar and share your content from anywhere when you have the time.

    One of the challenges of using social media, as most every business on the planet does today, is having to be at the mercy of their technology. Facebook seems to be shrinking the amount of engagement unpaid posts get every day and Twitter could do the same too, if they ever felt so inclined. One important way to continue to have control of how your audience grows and what content they see from you is to build a newsletter subscription list. MailChimp is forever free so long as you have under 2,000 subscribers. It’s an easy tool to learn with lots of tutorials and great tech support should you need it. The best part though/? Your message gets directly to the inbox of your readers without you paying a penny or being at the mercy of various social media platforms that could change at any time.​

    ​Canva is a great tool for creating stunning graphics on the fly, even if you’re not particularly creative or graphically inclined. They do most of the heavy lifting by providing templates of all kinds that can be used to create graphics for email, social media, flyers, postcards and more. It’s a great way to add graphics into the mix of your content strategy and to diversify the types of things you’re sharing with your audience.

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